Specialty Act Submission Information

Specialty Acts can audition to be a part of the Seven Seas Family by submitting a video roughly 3 minutes in length that showcases the best of your abilities and technique.  Include Links to your website, Vimeo and YouTube where applicable along with audio links and a one page bio, resume and Professional/Promotional photos to:  info@sevenseascasting.com

Aerial acrobat in the ring. A young girl
Magician, Juggler man, Funny person, Bla
Magic Performance

Aerial Silk Acrobatic Artists : Provide one "quick clip"  promotional video 30 seconds in length and another promotional video 3 minutes in length of your act and most impressive stunts.  In your bio, Include venues you’ve played at and Professional Promotional shots in your EPK.

Comedians/Comedian Magicians:

Comedians must have at least one hour and a half of original material that is broken down into 3 unique and different 30-minute shows. 1 PG rated show and 2 R-18+ or R-Explicit shows.  (Comedians may have up to 5 unique 30-minute shows but we always prefer quality over quantity.)

Magicians: Please show 3 minutes of your most impressive illusions , slight of hand tricks, pyro tricks and audience participation.  Each magician should have a minimal of one hour and 1/2 of show material, have great showmanship and exciting content. 

Break Dancers: Provide a 3 minute video showcasing your most impressive stunts (Freezes/HeelSpins/BackFlips/FrontFlips/Floor Rocking/HandSpins etc. Any style of high energy music is accepted.  ( PG -Family Oriented)

Rhythmic Gymnasts: Provide a 3 minute video showcasing your most impressive gymnastic skills (Turns, Leaps, Flips, Flexibility, Rope, Hoop, Ball, Clubs, Ribbon, etc. )

Jugglers: Submit a 3 minute high energy video demonstrating some very impressive content  with originality and excitement. Include any extra stunts and audience participation events.