Musician Submission Information 

All Instrumentalists can audition to be a part of the Seven Seas Family by submitting a video roughly 3 minutes in length that showcases the best of your abilities and technique.  Include Links to your website, Vimeo and YouTube where applicable along with a one page bio, resume and Professional/Promotional photo to:



Trumpet: You must be able to play up to High E or above. Strong experience with a Split Lead or 2nd. Flugelhorn proficiency not required, but a definite PLUS! Advanced sight reading, transposition and improvisational skills. All trumpet players will be “out front” and must be true ENTERTAINERS.

Saxophone: All saxophone players will be “out front” and should be true ENTERTAINERS. Tenor must be your primary horn with professional level alto proficiency. Developed altissimo preferred. Soprano and Baritone Sax Proficiency a plus. Flute Double (Optional) includes playing up to a High C and above and ability to double and triple tongue.

Trombone: Your range must include a low e and up to a High C and beyond. All trombone players will be “out front” and must be true ENTERTAINERS. Submit song snippets of various styles of music, including commercial, that showcase the best of your ability, tone, range and technique.

Keyboards: You will want to be able to perform commercial music including techniques and concepts found in modern pop and rock repertoire that includes Cover Tunes. You should be able to use amp modelers, effects and synthesizers while performing live and have strong sight reading and transposition skills.  Experience in theater pit orchestras, wedding/bar bands and similar ensembles is preferred.  Please have knowledge of Nord and Roland Keyboards and be a PERFORMER.

Drums: You must have advanced ability to play Kit and Percussion in Modern Pop & Rock Repertoire as well as all other styles. on your video. (ShowBand, Funk, Jazz etc.) Your video should be 3 minutes in length and showcase the best of your abilities and technique. If you have any “tricks with your sticks” include those too.

Guitar: You must be well versed in both jazz and pop music as a guitarist and vocalist and be a showman. Provide a song list of 175 high energy party tunes with an emphasis on fun “sing-along” tunes. ( Jimmy Buffet, Billy Joel, etc. ) Please have the ability to perform acoustic or with tasteful support from harmonizers, loopers and other similar effects.

Electric Bass: Please have strong sight reading and Improvisational skills and experience playing Commercial Music. (Modern Pop and Rock Repertoire.)