Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have "passenger status"? (Able to roam freely about the ship)  YES

Will I be able to see the beautiful ports and go shopping?  YES

Will I be able to meet and greet the Guests sailing with me?  YES  

Will I get to experience the ShipBoard services like the Spa and Gym and Hot Tubs and Pools? YES

Will I be allowed to go out at night into the Disco and Other Clubs?  YES

Will I have to do Port Manning?  (stay on ship while docked) On occasion YES

Will I get to watch the comedians and other specialty acts?  YES

Will I receive discounts at some of the onboard shops?  YES

Will I feel the ship move?  On occasion, YES but you get used to it quickly!

What kind of food is available to eat?  Almost EVERYTHING you can think of! 

Are there free pizza stations onboard?  YES, on many ships. 

Are there Crew Only Areas such as Cafeterias, Crew Bars, Crew Cabins & Back Stage? YES

Is there internet?  YES (special crew rate applies)

How often will I be able to eat?  Almost 24 hours a day.  (Depending on the ship.) 

Do I need a Valid Passport & ID?  YES